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Weaning products

CERELAC® products

Choose an age range from the menu above to view products suitable for your little one.


From around 6 months

At 6-7 months old, your baby is just beginning to eat. Baby foods for this stage are gentle for learner eaters. They have plain flavours and smooth textures, just what your baby needs.

From 7 months

Now they are 7-8 months old, your baby is ready to explore and try new tastes. Stage 2 CERELAC® helps you introduce them to one new flavour at a time. These foods have a slightly coarser texture compared to Stage 1, helping to encourage variety in their diet.

From 12 months

By the age of 12 months, your baby is an established eater ready to try more. It’s time to introduce them to family food textures, to help with muscle development and provide a strong foundation on which to build future tastes.