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CERELAC® Rice with Milk

CERELAC® Rice with Milk is a nutritious, rice-based infant cereal with milk powder. 

Stage 1 (6+ months)

CERELAC® Rice with Milk is a nutritious, rice-based infant cereal with milk powder. Our rice cereal for babies is suitable for infants from 6 months of age but it is NOT suitable for use as a breast milk substitute.

At the very beginning of your baby’s weaning journey start by introducing simple cereals to their diet, such as this rice-based infant cereal with milk powder which contains iron which is important for their normal cognitive development along with Calcium, Vitamins A, C and D, and many other essential nutrients. CERELAC® Rice with Milk baby food is gluten-free and is available in a 400g tin.

New parents may wonder what to feed a 6-month old baby as their first food. CERELAC® Rice with Milk has a simple flavour and a suitable texture, and it is an ideal foundation to a varied and balanced diet.

Features & Benefits

Some of the features that contribute to the goodness of CERELAC® are:

  • Infant cereal is the ideal foundation to a varied and balanced diet.
  • CERELAC® contains iron, which contributes to normal cognitive development.
  • CERELAC® contains calcium and vitamin D, to help with normal growth of your little one's bones.
  • CERELAC® is halal and suitable for vegetarians.
  • Once prepared, CERELAC® baby rice cereal doesn't thicken and keeps its consistency.


Cereals 54.5% (Hydrolysed rice flour, Rice flour), Skimmed milk powder 24.5%, Maltodextrin, Vegetable oils (Palm, Sunflower, Rapeseed, Coconut, Antioxidant: Ascorbyl palmitate), Minerals (Calcium carbonate, Ferrous fumarate, Zinc sulphate, Potassium Iodide), Vitamins (C, Niacin, E, Thiamin (B1), Pantothenic acid, A, B6, K, Folic acid, Biotin, D), Flavouring (Vanillin), Culture (Bifidobacterium lactis). Gluten free.



Nutritional Information

Nutrition informationPer 100gPer 50g serving
Energy1794 kJ / 425 kcal898 kJ / 213 kcal
Fat10,5 g5,3 g
of which : saturates4,3 g2,2 g
Carbohydrate69,0 g34,5 g
of which: sugars*29,0 g14,5 g
Fibre1,4 g0,7 g
Protein13,0 g6,5 g
Salt0,3 g0,2 g
Vitamin A410,0 µg RE205,0 µg RE
Vitamin D7,1 µg3,6 µg
Vitamin E3,0 mg1,5 mg
Vitamin K33,0 µg16,5 µg
Vitamin C66,0 mg33,0mg
Thiamin1,0 mg0,5 mg
Niacin6,5 mg3,3 mg
Vitamin B60,3 mg0,15 mg
Folic Acid32,0 µg16,0 µg
Biotin28,0 µg14,0 µg
Pantothenic acid1,6 mg0,8 mg
Calcium410,0 mg205,0 mg
Iron8,5 mg4,3 mg
Zinc3,7 mg1,9 mg
Iodine53,0 µg26,5 µg
* Labelling Reference Value for UK – "sugars" includes glucose, lactose, maltose, fructose and sucrose.

Where can I buy CERELAC®?

Nestlé Cerelac is a well-known brand in Europe, Asia, Africa and Afro-Caribbean and has been sold in major UK food retailers in Foods of the World Aisles since 2005. Several Tesco, Morrisons and ASDA stores stock Cerelac in their “Foods of the World” aisles.  The names of these stores can be obtained by calling the individual company Customer Service numbers.

  • Tesco 0800 505555
  • Morrisons 03456116111
  • Asda  0800 9520101

 You can also order Cerelac from various online retailers such as Tesco, ASDA, Ocado, Amazon and Morrisons – the information and links to these online retailers can be found in our “Where to buy” section.
Additionally, Cerelac is available in most corner shops and ethnic stores across the UK such as in Brixton, Peckham, Birmingham and Manchester.

Preparation Instructions:

  • Always wash your hands thoroughly before preparing a feed and ensure all utensils are clean.
  • Boil fresh water. Allow to cool.
  • At the start of weaning use small quantities of Nestlé CERELAC®. The amount fed can vary according to your baby’s appetite. Increase portions as needed to a full serving of 50g of Nestlé CERELAC powder mixed with 150ml of pre-boiled lukewarm drinking water.
  • From 6-8 months use 1 serving of CERELAC® per day.
  • Always test the temperature before serving it to baby/toddler.
  • Use immediately.
  • Throw away any unfinished portion.
  • Close tin tightly and store it in a cool, dry place.
  • Use within 4 weeks of opening.

Important Information:

Nestlé CERELAC is a complementary food intended for spoon feeding from 6 months.  It is NOT to be used as a breast milk substitute. The Department of Health recommends exclusive breast feeding for the first 6 months.  Unless otherwise advised by your health care professional, introduction of solid food should commence at around 6 months of age but not be delayed beyond 6 months, nor introduced before 4 months.  For your baby’s health, all preparation instructions should be followed exactly. Be mindful not to overfeed your baby; stop feeding when your baby shows signs of fullness e.g. turning their head away.


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