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About Us

Our Commitment

You knew that bringing a child into the world would be an exciting, joyful, rewarding experience - but everyone needs a little help.

And when it comes to caring for and feeding your treasured little one, you want to understand the why – not just the how. You want to feel like a well-informed, confident, absolutely fabulous parent.

Infant nutrition was the starting point of the Nestlé company and a cornerstone of our efforts since 1867.

Its why we’d like you to think of us as the ‘go-to people’ for sound practical advice, informative nutrition advice, useful everyday support, tools and reassurance on your nutrition decisions during your journey through your baby’s early childhood.

We’re Nestlé Infant Nutrition, and we’re here every step of the way. Because we want what you want - to give you and your beautiful baby a healthy start for a healthy future.


Your Nestlé Baby Team


Nutrition Program

Nutrition has always been a cornerstone of Nestlé.

We know that making the best nutrition choices for your child is vital to you, and we know that it is crucial during the first 1,000 days of your baby’s life. That’s why our Nutrition Program is a unique, stage-based information and support system that includes sound practical advice and information, all available online. It’s there to help inform, support and simplify your daily feeding decisions for your baby - to give your little one a healthy start for a healthy future.


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