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Mixed Root Vegetable Purée

Stage 1 (from 6 months) recipes

Now that your baby has reached 6 months and is ready for solids, you will no doubt be looking for delicious recipes for homemade foods that are quick and easy as well as being ideal for feeding your 6 month old.  Here you will find recipes to get you started and form part of our 2 week menu plan for this age.

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Aloo Chana Baby Recipe

Stage 2 (from 7 months) recipes

At this stage, food will start to play a more important role nutritionally, especially when it comes to getting enough iron and other vitamins and minerals.  Here you will find a range of recipes that are ideal for your 7 mth old.  

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Rice Pudding with Peach

Stage 3 (from 8 months) recipes

From 8 months, your baby will need several meals of nutritionally balanced food throughout the day.  Here you will find recipes for meals that provide energy and necessary nutrients to support your little ones healthy growth

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Mild Vegetable Curry

Stage 4 (from 12 months) recipes

Your toddler will no doubt be wanting to feed themselves by now and ready to take on more family foods.  Here you will discover recipes for family type foods without the added salt and sugar.

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