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Simple Porridge

This recipe is a great one for busy mums and dads, as it takes only five minutes to prepare. 

CERELAC® Rice with Milk and Strawberry Purée

This strawberry purée baby food recipe is naturally sweet, tasty, and contains important nutrients. 

Apple Custard

Our easy apple custard for babies is suitable for those just starting the weaning process. 

Mixed Root Vegetable Purée

The naturally sweet taste of root vegetables and their smooth texture when puréed make them the ideal weaning food for babies aged 6 months and over. 

Banana Purée

Homemade banana baby food is simple to make, and it should only take a couple of minutes to prepare. 

Pea and Milk Purée

Prepare this tasty pea and milk purée for your little one to enjoy, brightly coloured and full of flavour. 

Delicious Cerelac recipes for your little one

Recipes from 6 months

Introducing your baby to solid foods is an exciting journey, and CERELAC® is here to make it even more delightful with our delicious and nutritious recipies. At 6 months, your baby is ready to explore new tastes and textures. Here you will find recipies that offer a variety of simple and nutrious options that are perfect for this age stage. Start your baby's culinary adventure with CERELAC® recipies at 6 months and watch them discover a world of flavours.

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Recipes from 7 months

As your baby continues to grow, their taste buds are ready for more exciting flavours. Our collection of recipies for 7 months offers a range of delicious options that will keep your little one engaged during mealtime. Here you will discover recipies that introduce new ingredients and textures, while ensuring your baby gets the essential nutrients they need for normal development. Let the culinary exploration continue with CERELAC® recipies at 7 months.

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Recipes from 12 months

Explore our collection of articles and discover helpful resources to support your baby's healthy eating journey at 7 months.

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