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From the Idea to the Product

New products undergo many stages of development before they are made available in shops, from the initial concept all the way through to manufacturing and delivery.

Nestlé quality since 1867

Since 1867, Nestlé’s philosophy and research has focused on making our products the most nutritious they can be. Nestlé is committed to providing products that are of the highest quality in order to help meet your child’s nutritional needs. Discover how the brand has constantly adapted to the expectations of parents throughout the 20th and 21st centuries and continues to innovate


Quality: Nestlé’s commitments

Quality and safety have always been vitally important to Nestlé, and in 1993 all the elements that contribute to quality and safety were brought together in one programme called the ‘Nestlé Quality System’.


Production based on strict regulatory framework

The regulations governing food for babies and young children have been developed to ensure a level of safety and quality that reflect children’s unique nutritional needs. These regulations are in addition to those for foods for the rest of the population.

There are a number of bodies involved in drawing up these regulations:

At a global level, the WHO and the FAO* oversee the Codex Alimentarius bodies who set agricultural and food standards.

At a European level, the Commission of the European Communities, and in particular the Health and Consumer Protection Directorate General, relies on the expertise and advice of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Laws are adopted by the Member States of the European Union, based on the Commission’s recommendations.

* WHO: World Health Organisation. FAO: Food and Agriculture Organisation


Rigorous selection and control of ingredients

Nestlé uses specifically chosen ingredients to ensure quality and suitability for your little one.

Our product quality standards are set specifically for babies: we partner with specially identified farmers who only use designated fields, located away from sources of pollution, to grow the raw materials used in our infant food products.

Optimised taste and nutritional quality: the fruit and vegetables in our recipes are only used when they are ripe so that we can ensure we are getting the highest nutritional quality from our ingredients.

100% quality you can trust: the use of preservatives and other additives is strictly regulated.

High standards of traceability: we trace our ingredients as far back as possible, in some cases right back to the farmer who grew them.

Treatments are strictly limited* to a minimum: the use of pesticides and fertilisers such as nitrates is very strictly controlled.

* In accordance with regulations


A wide range of safety and quality checks throughout production

Extremely rigorous checks are carried out at every stage of the manufacturing process; in fact, every batch undergoes numerous checks to ensure the products not only taste and smell good, but that they have the right texture, and meet all chemical and microbiological quality requirements.


Specially created recipes tailored to a baby’s needs as recognised in regulations

The quality and quantity of fats in our recipes is tailored to meet your baby’s needs. Nestlé adds a mixture of oils (including rapeseed oil) to provide essential fatty acids, including Omega 3 and 6.

We support a step-by-step introduction to new foods for babies, with a range of products that start from very simple tastes and progress to include more complex flavours for your baby to try as their palate develops.

The textures in the product range also evolve to reflect your baby’s developing ability to chew foods, with smooth textures at 6 months, and slightly thicker textures as they get older.

We base our range on the discovery of tastes. Tastes and textures are enriched at each stage, and we use manufacturing methods that preserve the flavour of food.

This is all part of the exciting journey babies take as they grow and develop new abilities and new tastes.


Clear information on packaging helps mums find the right products at the right time

Our products feature packaging that is specifically designed to provide you with all the information you need:

‘Stage’ indicators on the front of each pack help mums to identify the appropriate product for the stage of their baby’s development.

All packs contain a detailed list of ingredients*.

We detail the nutritional values* of each product in a clear and easy to understand nutritional table.

We always clearly label potentially allergenic ingredients* (gluten, eggs, milk, etc.).

* In accordance with regulations


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