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From 12 months

Products from 12 months

By the age of 12 months, your baby is an established eater ready to try more. At this stage, CERELAC® offers cereals with more complex combinations of flavours and textures, helping to expand your baby's palate. Our cereals are enriched with essential nutrients to support their continued growth and development.

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Recipes from 12 months

Congratulations on reaching the milestone of 12 months! At this stage, your toddler is ready to enjoy a wider variety of flavours and textures. Our collection of recipies for 12 months offers exciting options that will satisfy your little one's growing appetite. With CERELAC® recipies at 12 months, you can continue to support your toddler's healthy eating habits while introducing them to a world of culinary delights.

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Articles from 12 months

Read our collection of articles and explore helpful resources to navigate the exciting 12 month phase of your child's culinary adventure.

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