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But it’s still important that they get the best nutrition possible, in the form of a balanced and varied diet, to ensure they develop their tastes and build good health for the future.

Meals for one year olds look very different to meals for infants at the beginning of the weaning process. By now your infant is more of a toddler, an established eater ready to branch out even further. They need to experience the same textures they’ll find in family food, as this will help to develop their muscles and give them a good foundation for building future tastes.

CERELAC® Stage 4 is baby food for 1 year old established eaters. Like all our foods, it contains important nutrients that are needed for your little one to grow into a healthy child. Iron is important for their continuing cognitive development, while vitamin D and calcium are needed for their growing and developing bones. CERELAC® also contains zinc, iodine, vitamin A, and vitamin C, all valuable nutrients for a growing child. Our toddler cereal provides a good foundation for their increasingly sophisticated diet, which will by now contain a wide range of tastes and textures. It’s easy to alternate our toddler cereal with family foods, slowly helping them get used to mealtimes.

CERELAC® Honey and Wheat with Milk

Our delicious wheat-based toddler food with powdered milk and honey is suitable for infants from 12 months of age. It is not a suitable breast milk substitute.

By now, your little one is eating many different things. Meals for one year olds can contain minced and chopped family foods, finger foods, and things like bread and cheese, soft enough for their emerging teeth to cope with. They’ll have the reflexes to start attempting to feed themselves, putting things towards or into their mouth, holding spoons, and even picking up cups. They’re ready to really join in with family meals, sitting at the family table and enjoying small, easy-to-chew portions of many of the same kinds of food as you.

There are lots of special foods you can make just for them, too. If you want to make your own baby food for 1-year-old established eaters, try our range of recipes.  They are full of easy-to-hold finger foods, and each recipe introduces your child to textures they might not have tried before. Many can be made with CERELAC® too.

When your infant is around 18 months old, they are likely to start asserting their food preferences and become less keen on trying new things, which is why it’s important to vary their diet during the weaning process. Read our article for tips on feeding fussy eaters to find out more.

Most of all, enjoy this special time with your child as you watch them grow into a confident, happy and healthy eater.


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