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Your baby now needs to try new flavours one at a time, as well as experiencing a slightly coarser texture to encourage varied eating. 

For your 7 month old baby, food is one of the many ways in which they will discover their world. There’s so much to see, taste and explore, and as they get used to new flavours they’ll discover more likes and dislikes. Now they’re a little older, your baby will slowly settle into eating three meals a day, with snacks in between as necessary. As they get used to this rhythm, they’ll also adjust to waiting between meals to satisfy their hunger.

CERELAC® Stage 2 is designed to help you through this part of weaning. 7 months is the age at which your little one can get used to small lumps and new textures, but they still require a careful balance of vitamins and nutrients to aid their growth and development. When your little one is aged 7 months, baby food should provide them with the foundation for a healthy diet that still includes their usual breast or formula milk. That’s why we’ve made sure CERELAC® contains the nutrients your little one needs, including calcium and vitamin D to help with the normal growth and development of their bones. It also contains iron, which contributes to their normal cognitive development, as well as zinc, iodine, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

CERELAC® Stage 2 food for 7 months old babies comes in three tasty flavours, each designed to introduce them to new and exciting tastes. The range includes Apple and Wheat with Milk, Banana and Wheat with Milk, and Mixed Vegetables and Rice with Milk. They can also be used in combination with some of our easy recipes for homemade baby food, designed with 7+ months old infants in mind.

CERELAC® Apple and Wheat with Milk

This nutritious infant cereal is wheat-based and contains milk powder and apple. It’s designed for infants from 7 months old. It is not suitable for use as a breast milk substitute.

CERELAC® Banana and Wheat with Milk

This delicious wheat-based infant cereal contains milk powder and banana. It’s made for infants from 7 months old who are ready to try new, simple flavours. It is not suitable for use as a breast milk substitute.

CERELAC® Mixed Vegetables and Rice with Milk

This rice based infant cereal is made with mixed vegetables and milk powder to help you introduce new flavours to your baby from the age of 7 months. It is not suitable for use as a breast milk substitute.

Now they’re at Stage 2 your baby is ready for a thicker, mashed consistency, so complement their diet with cooked and pureed fruit and vegetables. These might include broccoli, aubergine, oranges, and dried apricots, as well as small amounts of fish, meat, or meat alternatives. For more information read our tips for weaning. Remember that it can be a slow process, so there’s lots of time to try different types of food and find something that works for you and your baby.


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