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When they’re six months old, it’s time to introduce your baby to solids. Your little one is ready for plain flavours and smooth textures as part of a balanced, nutritionally complete diet. Stage 1 CERELAC® is an expertly formulated range of first foods for baby taste learners, designed to provide the building blocks of a healthy, nutritious diet.

When your baby is this age, they still need breast milk or infant formula to supply many of the nutrients they require. They’re also ready to try food for the first time, which is why we’ve developed a 6 month baby food cereal just for their little tummies. Slowly making it a part of their diet will encourage them to enjoy new experiences with food, as well as encouraging their normal, healthy development.

Our specially formulated 6 months baby food cereal contains important vitamins and nutrients that complement their milk diet. Stage 1 CERELAC® contains iron, which contributes to normal cognitive development plus, calcium and vitamin D, which are needed for the normal growth and development of bones, as well as zinc, iodine and vitamins A and C, and many other essential nutrients. CERELAC® Rice with Milk and CERELAC® Rice and Maize with Milk are suitable first foods for baby taste learners, while CERELAC® Wheat can be introduced once the rice cereal has been tolerated. They’re all simple to prepare and don’t thicken once made up, making them easy to feed to your little one.

CERELAC® Rice with Milk

Delicious and nutritious, this rice-based infant cereal is an ideal 6 months+ baby food cereal to start on and complement their usual diet of breast/formula milk. This product is not suitable as a breast milk substitute.

​​​​​​​CERELAC® Rice and Maize with Milk

This rice and maize based infant cereal with milk powder is designed for babies who are beginning to wean. Like all our products, it won’t thicken when made and is gluten free. This product is not suitable as a breast milk substitute.

​​​​​​​CERELAC® Wheat with Milk

When your baby has tolerated CERELAC® Rice with Milk, CERELAC® Wheat and Milk can be introduced to their diet. Simple to make, this is a plain and nutritious 6 month baby food cereal. This product is not suitable for use as a breast milk substitute.

Baby’s first mouthful of food is an important and exciting milestone on the road to growing up. In no time at all they will be developing their own tastes, likes, and dislikes, which is why it’s so vital to get them used to trying new foods in a safe, reassuring environment. Our infant cereal is thicker than milk, so it gently introduces them to new textures while also supplying them with important nutrients. With its simple flavours, it’s the ideal basis for introducing your baby to solids before moving onto more complex combinations.

During this first stage of eating they will learn how to move food around their mouths, and gradually you will be able to lengthen the time between meals. Your baby can have their own place at the table, and will start taking part at mealtimes, watching the grown-ups eat and getting used to their own special food.

If you would like advice on introducing your baby to their first foods, read our guide to weaning and help your little one get started.


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