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Whether you buy it or cook it yourself, it will encourage them to chew whilst helping to prepare them for the varied tastes of family meals. By now they’ll be getting ready to try things like small pieces of well-cooked potato or soft fish, and as they get used to these changes, their tastes will develop and grow.

CERELAC® infant cereal for babies from 8 months old contains important nutrients to help them grow and develop. Our Stage 3 food also introduces new textures to your baby’s diet, encouraging them to explore chewing and get used to new sensations.

CERELAC® contains calcium and vitamin D, both of which are needed for the normal growth and development of your little one’s bones, while iron contributes to their normal cognitive development. Like all our products, our 8 months baby food also contains zinc, iodine, vitamin A and vitamin C.

By now they should be comfortable with solid food, so they can eat three meals a day with snacks in between if necessary. They are probably crawling and they’ll know how to keep a tight hold on their spoon, making mealtimes more adventurous – and maybe messy!

Our 8 months old baby food is available as Three Cereals (Wheat, Oats, and Rice with Milk) or Mixed Fruits with Milk.

CERELAC® Three Cereals with Milk

This wheat-based infant cereal contains milk powder, oats and rice. It’s designed for infants from 8 months of age. This product is not suitable for use as a breast milk substitute.

CERELAC® Mixed Fruits and Wheat with Milk

Containing a variety of nutrients, this is a wheat-based infant cereal with milk powder and mixed fruits. It’s suitable for babies from 8 months of age. It is not a suitable breast milk substitute.

In addition to your baby’s 8 month old baby food, they should still be having milk (breastmilk or formula milk), as well as child-friendly dairy products. They’re usually also ready to try small, easy-to-chew pieces of food, like soft pasta, minced meat, and well-cooked pulses, and they can also drink water. This stage of your baby’s weaning is a really exciting one, as they truly start to explore the world of food – so remember to enjoy all those precious moments!

An ideal foundation to a varied and balanced diet, this food is designed to be given to babies from 8 months old. This means, for example, that Stage 3 CERELAC® can be fed to a 10 month old. Baby food at this stage supports their transition to eating more family foods, as they will get used to chewing lumps, so it’s normal to take more time over Stage 3 than the previous stages.

And don’t forget, they’ll know to stop eating when they’re full, so use their behaviour as a guide to how much they need.

Read our weaning tips for more information on introducing solid foods to your 8+ months old baby.


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