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Strawberry puree baby food

6+ months

CERELAC® Rice with Milk and Strawberry Purée


Time preparation5mn

Time cooking0mn

Time Total5mn


• 15-30ml (1-2 tbsp) strawberry purée. Other suitable fruits include apple, prune, apricot, pear or peach.

• 25g Nestle CERELAC® Rice with Milk


This strawberry purée baby food recipe is naturally sweet, tasty, and contains important nutrients. It’s mixed with CERELAC® Rice with Milk, which contains iron and vitamins A and C, along with many of the other essential nutrients.

To make things a little different, you can always try the alternative tasty fruits listed below, giving your child the opportunity to try lots of different things. Our plain flavoured rice-based infant cereal with milk is good by itself, but adding some fruit will help you introduce your child to new tastes and textures. Its tasty but simple flavour and smooth texture makes it a great base for adding new things.

Healthy baby purée recipes are great for busy mums and dads who want to introduce new fruits and flavours into their baby’s diet. Learn how to make homemade strawberry baby food today!


You can use any Stage 1 product in this homemade strawberry baby food and it will work just as well. In addition to trying other Stage 1 products, you could try different fruits, to help introduce lots of different textures and flavours to your child.


Good to know

CERELAC® infant cereal is fortified with iron and vitamins A and C.